Do you own a property in or close to La Cala de Mijas?


  • You choose the dates you want us to offer your property for rent.
  • We do not charge any non-availability fees, allowing you to block off the dates that you wish to reserve for yourself, friends and family.
  • You can block off your dates at any time 24/7. The remaining dates are then available for our clients to book "Live Online" at any time.
  • We operate on a strict "first come first served" arrangement to avoid the dreaded double booking situation. We therefore advise all our Property owners to block off their personal dates as far in advance as possible, to avoid your prefered dates being taken by our clients.


  • Are most popular in peak and fringe periods enabling you to maximise the return on your property.


  • We have repeat clients looking for Winter Lets of 1 - 5 months.
  • This is ideal to provide your property with security, upkeep and a steady income in the quieter periods.
  • This still enables you to take advantage of the increased income during peak times.  


  • We have guests booking 2 years in advance to be sure of securing their chosen location or property & preferred dates in La Cala.
  • We have more clients looking to rent with us than we have properties available in both peak and off peak periods.


  • Our fully automated self reservation website collects all the client information now required to comply with the Andalusian Tourist Registration, meaning that you don't have to.
  • We will arrange for the client information to be sent to the authorities on the check in date, so that you dont have to.
  • We will advise you and work with you to ensure that you comply with the new regulations.
  • Do you have an "ATR property license to rent" number? If you instruct us to be your lettings agent we can advise you in obtaining the necessary registration number.


  • We liaise with the property manager to ensure that keys are securely delivered to and collected from clients.
  • We arrange for the post occupancy inspections to be carried out by the property manager.


  • Our preferred "In Resort" Management Service is "LCS Management" who fulfils all matters associated with a reputable professional & licensed company including changeover cleans, mid-term linen changes & responding to any maintenance issues with a full range of tradesmen on call.
  • Administration & submission of all completed Andalucian tourism forms to the Police authority. This is a legal requirement for every paying client of age 16 or over & staying for less than 2 months.
  • This service provides you & La Cala Lettings with peace of mind that any issues will be dealt with professionally & promptly as we all only have 1 point of contact when any issues arise.
  • We have been using LCS ourselves for over 25 years & we do not have any financial interests with LCS whatsoever.


  • If you already have a competent in resort licensed management team, who can cover all the client, property care and legal requirements involved,including key management with our clients, 24/7 call out and arrange airport taxi pick ups, then we will be happy to work with your existing property manager.
  • We will automatically inform your property manager instantly of all bookings made via our automated online system. We will also issue them with a further "Guests arriving soon" reminder email nearer to check-in dates so that your property manager can ensure a smooth changeover & arrival.                                                                                                                                                             


  • We pay to advertise on all the relevant major portals so that you don't have to.
  • This ensures that we put your property in the most appropriate shop window targeted at potential clients looking to rent in the La Cala de Mijas area.
  • By having the number of properties we have in La Cala de Mijas each one helps to improve our website SEO ranking and consequently propels people to our website, where they are then able to view your property. This would not be possible or cost efficient when advertising single properties.


  • We do not charge property owners for placing your property on our website.
  • We simply charge a very competitive commission on only the bookings we take and process through our system, which we then deduct from the payments received against the bookings taken by us for your property.


  • When a guest enquires with La Cala Lettings for a property we tailor our property offers to their exact requirements.
  • It may be that the property they first enquire about is not available, but we are able to then direct the client to your property if it meets the client's requirements.


  • Our online website is also a fully interactive reservation system that enables clients to easily book themselves at any time 24/7 on their computer, tablet or smart phone and "Pay Now".
  • This provides full transparency of bookings and up-to-date information as the property calendar is updated instantly.
  • You will receive an instant automated email advising you that a booking has been taken against your property and the property manager will also receive a copy of the booking confirmation email, which means you do not need to do anything other than update your own personal diary and wait for the money to arrive at the end of the month.
  • The intelligent booking system also ensures that the dreaded double bookings are avoided. Client arrival and departure information is always available.


  • Immediate payment is taken for all bookings using the "Pay Now" button via the market leading WorldPay secure payment gateway, which gives you peace of mind.
  • La Cala Lettings manage collection of both the 25% deposit and balance payments via WorldPay on your behalf.
  • We make payment to all our property owners at the end of every month. We do not hold your money.


  • The intelligent reservation system keeps a record of clients, so that if we do need to get in touch with our customers this can be done.
  • Promotions can be easily communicated to our loyal clients.


Take the hassle out of renting your La Cala property and significantly improve your return.

Please give us a call on 01925 596565