Booking Terms and Conditions

Your Holiday Contract

When you make a booking as Party Leader you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of your party these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy. You must be at least 18 years old to make a booking with us. Your contract with La Cala Lettings is made once your booking has been confirmed. Your contract with us will be governed by English Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts at all times.


Your Personal Details

La Cala Lettings are not the owner of the property booked and reserves the right to provide personal details of the Party Leader and party members at its sole discretion.


Paying For Your Holiday

Upon reserving your chosen holiday property you are required to make payment of 25% of the full rental fee plus our booking fee  to secure the booking. If, at the time of making the reservation there is less than 70 days to your occupation date you are required to pay the full amount.

The balance of the full payment is due a minimum of 60 days in advance of your occupation date of the property.

Payments are to be made via "WorldPay" by Debit or Credit Card as shown on the "Pay Now" gateway. You will receive a receipt via "WorldPay". or by Bank Transfer within one hour.

All bookings incur a £35.00 Booking Fee to be paid with the initial deposit payment. The Booking Fee is non refundable.

All payments are to be in UK Pounds Sterling.

Please ensure that we receive the correct amount net of any bank charges. This is particularly important if you are resident outside the UK and making an international payment. Please ensure that you allow for conversion rates. If you are making an international payment your bank may deduct charges. You need to add these charges to the amount you send to ensure that we receive the correct amount due.

All payments to be made by Debit Card or Credit Card. or by Bank Transfer (within one hour). Please note that reservations will not become secured until the payment has cleared.

The client should check the invoice/receipt & final itinerary and all other documents issued by La Cala Lettings carefully immediately on receipt and advise La Cala Lettings if any information appears to be incorrect as it may not be possible to make amendments later, La Cala Lettings are responsible for providing the accommodation confirmed to the client, but it is the clients responsibility to ensure the booking details are correct.  

If you fail to pay the balance on time La Cala Lettings reserve the right to cancel the booking and any payments paid will be forfeited. (You will receive a payment due reminder).


Refund Policy

All payments are Strictly Non Refundable. For this reason we strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance at the time of booking.

In the unlikely event that the property owner has to cancel the booking made by the rental client then La Cala Lettings will endeavour to offer alternative accommodation of a similar standard. However, if this is not possible or you decline the alternative accommodation offered then all monies received from the rental client will be refunded in full and final settlement of any claims.

The property owner or La Cala Lettings also have a 48 hour period in which to decline the booking for any reason, e.g. if the chosen dates leave an unsellable few days before or after the booking period, (3,4,5 or 6 days) or for any other reason. If we do this then all monies received from the rental client will be refunded in full.



Please check your confirmation/invoice/receipt, final itinerary and all other documents you receive from us immediately on receipt. You must contact us immediately if any information appears to be incorrect as it may not be possible to make changes later. We are responsible for providing the holiday accommodation we have confirmed to you. If you cancel or alter your booking later, you may have to pay an amendment charge.

We reserve the right to refuse your booking. If we do this we will refund any money already paid to us.


If You Change Your Booking

If, after our confirmation receipt/invoice has been issued, you wish to change your travel arrangements in any way, for example your chosen departure date, we will do our utmost to make these changes but it may not always be possible. Any request for changes to be made must be in writing email or letter from the Party Leader.


Keys & Occupation

Approximately 4 weeks before your arrival date & after you pay your balance, we will send you an email confirming key and arrival details.

If you order an airport Taxi from us you must ensure that you have provided us with your flight details; Flight Number and scheduled Arrival Time in to Malaga.

The driver will hold a card displaying your name in the arrivals hall. The driver will have the property keys. Please pay the driver the taxi fare directly. (we do not pay the taxi).

A charge of £50 (Fifty pounds) will be made if you lose a set of keys.

Earliest check in time is 14:00pm, and Latest check out time is 10:00am.

During busy periods there may be too much pressure on the maids. If they have not quite finished you may leave your luggage in the property, go for a drink or walk and return a little later as advised by the maid service. 

Whilst La Cala Lettings may be able to accommodate later check out times, these cannot be guaranteed as it is dependent on the arrival time of the following occupants, and at the sole discretion of the management / maid service "LCS", and can only be confirmed by LCS morning of 1 day prior to your departure.

You must return the keys immediately at the end of your occupation, as advised, and give your name for Keys Identification purpose.


If You Cancel Your Holiday

To cancel the entire holiday, the Party Leader must write to us directly, by email or postal recorded delivery at the address on your booking confirmation. 

If you cancel for a reason covered by your insurance policy, any losses must be claimed directly from your relevant insurance company, and any confirmation regarding the amount you have paid will be sent from us on request.

The following cancellation charges apply:

All monies paid to La Cala Lettings will be forfeit. All payments made are Non Refundable, as we pass on all payments received to the individual property owners.


Your Accommodation

This is reserved exclusively for the people named on the confirmation/invoice and no other persons are permitted to stay at the accommodation unless this has been agreed with us in writing and appropriate payments made (if applicable).

Should you or any member of your party be responsible for any breakages, loss or damage of any item of the property or additional cleaning has been necessary, a charge will be made locally or an invoice will be sent to you on your return to the UK. (or your Home).


Holiday insurance

Holiday insurance is the sole responsibility of each individual party member. La Cala Lettings accepts no liability for loss, damage, personal injury or the cost of medical or other treatment whilst staying in the rented property as they are privately owned holiday rental homes in a residential community or complex which may or may not have security drills in place nor staff on hand to take charge in emergencies, Clients should observe all advice displayed in the property or notice boards or display cabinets in the local area, urbanisation or complex.



Our liability to you

La Cala Lettings is not liable for loss, damage, injury or death caused by an event or circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, governmental actions, war or national emergency, acts of terrorism, protests, riot, civil commotion, fire, explosion, flood, epidemic, lock-outs, strikes or other labour disputes, or restraints or delays affecting carriers. La Cala Lettings will not accept liability if illness, injury or death is the fault of the Party Leader or any party member.

La Cala Lettings liability shall not in any event exceed the total holiday price.



All information contained within our website has been compiled from up-to date information, which we amend as frequently as possible with any changes. However there may be occasions when the advertised property is not as advertised, due to modification. Such situations may be due to local circumstances, necessity for maintenance, water shortages, unsuitable weather conditions, fuel shortages, power cuts and other circumstances beyond our control. If we are advised of this we will notify you as soon as possible, but we cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond our control. It is important to remember that depending on the season some restaurants, communal pools, water sports and water parks may not operate at all times.


Property Description Changes 

Should the Owner(s) of the rental property make any amendments to the property or amenities therein at anytime the amendment is deemed accepted and applicable immediately, and, if any item becomes cost metered then this is accepted and applicable immediately with or without notification via La Cala Lettings. We will however make every attempt to ensure that the details are up to date.


Building Works

Occasionally neighbouring properties may carry out building work or garden maintenance. Any noise from these activities is unavoidable. We do not control such work in neighbouring properties or from garden maintenance and we do not receive advance notification of when such work will commence. We will notify you if we are made aware of any work activity that we consider may affect your holiday. However we will not offer compensation. It is normal that most communities will not allow large building projects during peak holiday months.


Noise From Outside the Property.

The property owner and/or La Cala Lettings shall not be in any way responsible for any noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the property from other people on holiday or any other cause.


Care of the Property & Good Neighbour Relations

If you identify any pre-existing problems, cleanliness, defects, damage or breakages within the property on your arrival you must notify us by phone (0044 1925 596565) or Email ( on the first day of your occupation. Failure to do so may make you liable if the management service subsequently report any damage, breakages or other defects when they enter the property at the end of your holiday.

You must also notify us as soon as possible if you, or any member of your party, damage, break or cause a defect in the property. You will be charged the cost of the repair or replacement unless the matter is considered to be a general accepted wear & tear item.

Whilst in the property you must:

  1. Adhere to the local community rules displayed in the property or notice boards.
  2. Not hang washing or towels over the balconies or railings.
  3. Not Smoke inside any property. "All properties are Strictly Non Smoking".
  4. Preserve the Fixtures Furniture and Effects from being destroyed or damaged and not remove any of them from the Property
  5. Yield up the Property at the end of the tenancy in the same clean state and condition as it was in the beginning of the tenancy and make good, pay repair of or replace all such items of the Fixture Furniture and Effects as shall be broken, lost, damaged or destroyed during the tenancy.
  6. Please note you are responsible for removal of rubbish and waste from the property you stay in. This is due to health and safety reasons, as well as that we do not consider it a job for the maids. Large community bins are usually located on the fringes of each development. Rubbish should be removed daily. Organic waste should be disposed of between 9 pm and Midnight during the summer months. It is illegal to dispose of Organic waste rubbish outside of these times due to the heat of the day and the effects on health in hot seasons. Please refer to the notices on the waste bins.
  7. Additional cleaning costs which will be charged if any member of your party cause additional costs from, but not limited to:
    1. Stained or damaged laundry
    2. Stained or damaged bath/hand towels
    3. Extra cleaning hours above the maximum average for the property.
    4. Time spent removing rubbish bags.
    5. Smell damage to the apartment from smoking which is strictly not permitted in any of our properties.
  8. Leave the furniture and effects at the end of the tenancy in the rooms or places in which they were at the beginning of the tenancy.
  9. Not carry on the Property any profession trade or business or sub-let the property or receive paying guests on the Property or place or exhibit any notice board or notice on the Property or use the Property for any other purpose than that of a holiday home.
  10. Not do, or suffer to be done, on the Property anything which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord or the Tenants or occupiers of any adjoining premises or anything whatsoever which may invalidate any insurance of Property against fire or otherwise or increase premiums for such insurance.
  11. Permit the owner or the owner's agents at reasonable hours in the daytime, following reasonable notice, to enter the property for the purposes of inspection or to retrieve personal items.
  12. Not take in lodgers or share possession of the property.
  13. You must not do anything to cause nuisance, such as, but not restricted to:
    1. Playing of *Loud*music, TV, Video games etc after 11:00pm.
    2. Blocking walkways.
    3. Pets are NOT allowed in the property at any time.
  14. If we receive complaints from locals regarding your conduct/noise we will issue you with a warning. If you fail to understand and adhere to the requirements of the warning, your rental can be terminated with no refunds given.

La Cala Lettings can end your holiday if your behaviour or that of any party member is likely in our opinion to cause distress, damage, danger to or to annoy our other customers, employees, accommodation or anyone else. In these circumstances La Cala Lettings and/or our designated property management reserve the right to refuse to complete your holiday arrangements and will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any other costs you have to pay. La Cala Lettings cannot accept responsibility for the behaviour of others in your accommodation. Adults must supervise children at all times.


If You Have A Complaint 

If you have cause for complaint whilst on holiday, this must be brought to our attention or the designated property management company (LCS) immediately so that action can be taken to rectify the problem. Unless there is a valid reason why you failed to report your complaint to us or the property management company, La Cala Lettings will not consider themselves to be liable for those complaints.

Should the property management company be unable to resolve the matter, details of the complaint must be notified to La Cala Lettings or LCS in writing before you check out at the end of your holiday. Notification of any complaints received outside this period cannot be considered. If you do not tell us about your complaint promptly, it may be difficult to investigate your complaint thoroughly.


Swimming Pool

Children must not use the swimming pool without adult supervision.


Pets / Animals

Unless otherwise advised, pets and animals are not permitted in the accommodation at any time.



The property owner or their representative must be permitted to enter the property at all reasonable times upon giving 24 hours notice to inspect the property or contents, carry out necessary repairs to the property or to take meter readings.


Breakages Deposit

We do not take a breakages deposit. However, should any damage occur during your stay at the property then you must replace or pay for the damage to be made good. 


Accommodation Courtesy

While you are on holiday we ask that you respect the condition of the accommodation and ensure that standards are maintained. You are on holiday and are not expected to hygenically clean the accommodation, but you are required to keep the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness, remove any stains and replace items damaged by party members, plus remove your rubbish (daily) to the waste bins on the fringes of the complex or urbanisation. You must remove all rubbish from the property to the waste bins at the end of your holiday.


Legal Disclaimer

La Cala Lettings are an intermediary company renting properties located in Spain to clients on behalf of the owners. It is the owners responsibility to abide by all applicable Laws of the Land, local and urbanisation rules & bylaws.

La Cala Lettings are therefore not liable for any mis-appropriations of these rules or laws.